All about Computer Sixth Generation

In the automobile industry, robots are used in manufacturing, but AI has crept into the vehicles themselves. From global positioning systems to warning a driver of a potential hazard in front of them, artificial intelligence is present. Some cars can even apply the break or swerve the vehicle out of harm’s way if necessary. Artificial intelligence has also assisted in the development of voice recognition software (VAR). While unable to understand the words, VAR has allowed people who have disabilities to speak into a microphone and see the words appear on the screen. Although people need to speak slowly and clearly in order to work properly, and it is not 100{2a0a0038b77200c4daba3bcdc806b255baed6f3d9d79679ee1eb8d6b356bfd4f} accurate, VAR is also now on many hand held devices. Being able to surf the web or send a text has become easier than ever, and more advancements are on the way.

AI includes −
• Robotics
• Neural Networks
• Game Playing
• Development of expert systems to make decisions in real-life situations
• Natural language understanding and generation

The main features of sixth generation are −
• UULSI technology
• Development of true artificial intelligence
• Development of Natural language processing
• Advancement in Parallel Processing
• Advancement in Nano technology
• More user-friendly interfaces with multimedia features
• Availability of very powerful and compact computers at cheaper rates.

Some computer types of this generation are −
• Desktop
• Laptop
• NoteBook
• Mobile Phones
• Palm Top